Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More Christmas Fun!!!

On Saturday December 21st we went to the Chelsea Christmas Parade. It was a little rainy that day but we still enjoyed the parade anyway! 

Brylee waving and saying Merry Christmas to Santa... 

On Monday, Dec 23rd we went to the candlelight Christmas Service with Go Go and Grandaddy and their church! 

I love the candle light service its my favorite to see the whole place go from black to lite by candle lights 

Christmas Day!!!! 
Heading to my Uncle Don's house... 

We always go look at Christmas lights down from his house. 

During the Christmas break we have been having fun playing the game headbandz 
these crazy kids are a mess!!! 
One of my favorite Christmas decorations this year was my Christmas Card tree! 
I love checking the mail in December and getting cards from our friends 
and seeing how their children and families have grown through the years! 

Sunday, December 29th we celebrated Christmas with my Nannie and my mom's side of the family! 

My Nannie gave Brylee this silly headband with her gift card! 

Jackson and Brylee with Nannie 
Brylee loves for Nannie to come visit! 

Decemeber 30th we went Ice Skating at the outdoor ice skating rink at Grand River! The kids have been dying to go ice skating so we finally went! :) Brylee loved it and skated for about an hour. Jackson gave up after about 10 minutes well maybe 20 minutes and he and daddy went shoe shopping! ha! 

Well, that pretty much wraps up the busy month of December. I feel like we celebrated Christmas the whole month. We have all been passing around the crud but thankfully nothing too bad just the coughy, sneezy crud. Daddy got it first, then Jackson, then Mommy... Brylee is the last man standing lets hope she avoids it!

We are heaed to ring in the new year with our friends and shoot lots of fireworks!!!! 
Closing out 2013 and excited to see what 2014 has in store!!!! 

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