Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day!!!! I had some very excited kiddos to go to school {finally after being out for a "snow/ice" storm for 3 days} on Valentines Day! I mean what kid does not love a day devoted to cards, gifts, candy, and party foods! 

Jackson and Brylee both had to make and take a valentine box to school along with valentines for their friends! 

Brylee's theme was Peace Love Valentines! Here is her box... 

and her valentines for her classmates! She had labels that said peace love valentines from Brylee with a chevron background! Those would be all of her favorite things! ;) We added candy to clear bags and sealed them with the labels! 

Jackson's theme was Duck Dynasty! We covered his box with duck dynasty tissue paper! 

He also has labels that said Hope your valentines day is Happy Happy Happy! We also filled bags with candy and sealed them with these labels! 

We gave their teachers cute little note pads and matching pens for Valentines Day with a tag that said take note valentine you're really special! 

Here are my two little valentines all decked out in red ready for school and a day full of Valentine celebrating! 

Well Jackson decided he would "skip out" on all the valentine celebrating at school about 9:30am! Just kidding! But I did get a call from the nurse that JP was running a fever of 100.9 so I had to go check him out! That made things a little crazy since I was suppose to sub that afternoon at their school. Thank goodness Grandaddy was working from home and JP could hang out with him for the rest of the day! I checked him out and then took him to the doctor real quick and got everything started! Grandaddy met us their and they finished things up and I headed on to school to sub! I figured it was strep b/c he was complaining of his throat hurting and he was running a fever! But strep came back negative! The dr. said it was viral! Oh well! At least we got a script for an antibiotic just incase! 

When we got home from school Jackson and Brylee has Valentine surprises waiting for them from mommy and daddy! Q

Jackson got a bama baseball magazine and some candy! All his favorites! 

Brylee got a chevron notebook, chevron pens, and some neon markers all in a little chevron bucket! She was all smiles! 

They both got balloons too! 
Happy Valentines Day to these two cuties! 

Then we headed over to GoGo and Grandaddy's for dinner and Valentine surprises from them too! 

Brylee got this cute little bear that she named sweetheart and a peace notebook! 

Jackson got a valentine gorilla that he names Steve and valentine brownies! 

They loved their stuffed animals! 

After dinner we played cards! GoGo and Grandaddy taught us how to play a card game called Golf! We had a great time playing the game! The kids loved it! And I guess you could say I had beginners luck because I beat everyone! Jackson did really well too and even beat daddy! ;) I know there will be lots more games of Golf played in the future! 
We had a great low key valentines night spending it with the ones we love! We hope you did too! 

Happy Valentines Day!!! 

PS: Jackson and Brylee had a happy mail day too with lots of cards and money from special valentines as well! Thank you Nonnie & Poppie, Nannie & KK!!!

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