Monday, February 24, 2014

February 12th through February 18th

 Wednesday, February 12th 
We were out of school today for a snow day! The snow was predicted for our area late in the afternoon and Jackson had a haircut appointment that he despritely needed (which had already been rescheduled due to a previous snow storm)! Thank goodness we were able to get in earlier and get his mop I mean hair cut! 

Then that night is when the snow finally came! We did what every good southern parent would do... Allowed our kids to go play in the snow at night because it would be gone by morning! 

Thursday, February 13th
We had all the "stuck inside due to weather" we could handle so we went to lunch at CFA and went to air walk and let the kiddos jump their little hearts out for an hour! 

Friday, February 14th 
Happy Valentines Day from my two cuties!

Saturday, February 15th 
After a Saturday full of activities and basketball games we enjoyed a low key Saturday night of pizza, a red box movie, and popcorn! 
Sunday, February 16th 
During the month of February our children's church had a Duck Kingdom theme! This Sunday the kids dressed up in camo for church! 

Monday, February 17th 
We have had some beautiful weather in the afternoons and have enjoyed lots of time outside riding bikes and playing ball! We are ready for spring! 

Tuesday, February 18th
Sissy girlfriend has decided she has spent lots of time at a ball park in her life time watching her brother play ball so it was time for her to play ball! She signed up for softball and Tuesday night was her first practice! 

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