Monday, February 24, 2014

February 19th through February 25th

Wednesday, February 19th:
We "finally" did not "miss the bus" this morning! Jackson and Brylee used to always ride the bus in the morning to school but we have gotten in a "bad habit" of "missing the bus" and doing carpool instead in the mornings! Don't get me wrong I love taking them in the morning and it does give them some extra sleep time but I did not have to be anywhere this morning until 11:30 so it gave me some time at home to get some things done! 

Thursday, February 20th: 
My little choir boy all ready to sing at school! JP decided he would sign up for show choir this year because you can miss school one day in the spring, eat lunch out, and go to a park and play on that day! You know the important things in life when you are a 10yr old boy! So he had his first choir show at school today! By the way he thinks that bow tie is way cool! I just have to laugh! He is a mess! 

Friday, February 21st 
We had to pick Zac and Katie up from after school care on Friday and we had some time to waste before Katie's basketball practice so what better way to celebrate a Friday than with a sweet treat from Mickey D's! 

Saturday, February 22nd 
We were finally able to celebrate Richard's birthday with GoGo and Grandaddy! We went to eat at Shane's (daddy's choice) and then went back to GoGo and Grandaddy's for birthday treats and to play the card game Golf! Fun times!

Sunday, February 23rd
Today was Jackson's last regular season basketball game! We celebrated afterwards with a medal and basketball shaped doughnuts! We start the play off this week! Go Chelsea Jayhawks! 

Monday Febraury 24th 
Well basketball for Jackson is officially over! He and his team lost their first game in the tournament! At least Mrs Laura brought her "famous" cake balls for them after the game! They quicky forgot about the loss and enjoyed the cake balls! 

Tuesday, Febraury 25th 
I went to a middle school parent meeting tonight! Can someone please tell me how it is possible that I am going to have a middle schooler in a few short months? Let me just say the feeling I have about sending my baby off to the big bad world of middle school next year is way worse than sending them off to kindergarten! Just saying!

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