Thursday, March 6, 2014

February 26th through March 4th

Wednesday, February 26th: We love Wednesday nights with our LBC family!!! 
We enjoy family, food, and fellowship with friends!!! {and happy no cooking night for mommy}!!! 

Thursday, February 27th: Forest Oaks Ribbon Cutting! 
Jackson and Brylee's school opened their new building/ school in January! The school had an open house/ribbon cutting ceremony this afternoon! Jackson is in the choir and they sang! The school also had a super cool ice sculpture, cake, cookies and punch too! 

Friday, February 28th: Brylee's last basketball game! 
I am so proud of Brylee for branching out and trying new things! She gave basketball a try this season and all though her team did not win a single game and she was very disappointed about that; I think she enjoyed it and will hopefully give it a try next year too! 

Saturday, March 1st: Happy Shopping Saturday!!! 
Brylee, GoGo and I enjoy a fun "just the girls" Saturday! We enjoyed lunch and shopping the day away at Cottontails! 

Sunday, March 2nd: Super Beautiful Sunday Fun Day!!! 
Sunday was absolutely gorgeous! We enjoyed being outside all day in the upper 70 degree temps! We enjoyed baseball practice, softball practice, walking the track, playing at the park, riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline! We even grilled out too! It makes me want spring to hurry and get here!!! Go away Mr Winter it is time for Spring warm weather!!! 

Monday, March 3rd: Monday, Monday!!! 
Happy Rainy & Freezing Cold Monday! After having such a beautiful Sunday, Monday was such a bummer! On the way to school it was rainy and yucky and as the day went on the temperatures dropped! When we came out of school at the end of the day it was freezing!!! 

Tuesday, March 4th: Trendy Tuesday!! 
Brylee is at a hard age for clothes! She is not a little girl wanting to wear smocked and ruffles but yet she is still a little girl and I want her to dress like one too! One of our Cottontail finds were these super cute and fun leggings! We paired them with this fun neon sweatshirt! I just loved her outfit! She looked so cute!!!

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