Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baseball and Softball

Jackson is playing baseball for CBC (Chelsea Baseball Club) this year. These pictures are actually from their first tournament back in March! I need to actually remember my camera and take some pictures. He is catching again this season and is loving it and doing great! 

 One of his favorite parts of catching is calling the pitching sighs. He looks at the coach and he tells him what sign to call for the pitcher... he loves that part! :) This is what he is doing in this picture... looking at the coach for the sign!
 He also likes to "be a real catcher" and if there is a meeting on the mound he likes to take his helmet off and
go out there for the meeting! :) Anything to look like the majors! ha! :) 


They can steal bases in this league and he has thrown a few people out stealing to second and third. He loves when he gets them out! :)
 They won second place in their first tournament! 

Brylee is playing softball this season for the first time. She loves it and is doing great. She is getting better and better each game. I think she might stick with this for a little while. She is already saying she doesn't want to cheer in the fall she wants to play fall softball instead. She is catching as well... how did I get to be the mom of 2 catchers. :)
I have only taking a few pictures of her with my big girl camera... I need to get better about taking more pictures... they play a lot at night and its hard to take pictures... well good pictures so hopefully they will get a few more games in during the day so I can snap some pictures of her playing!
We are officially a ball park family... we are there all the time! :) Someone has a game or practice almost every night. The hardest part is missing some of their games... I try not to miss them but sometimes they play at the same time and I can't help it. Jackson also plays all over the place so that makes it hard too! We are loving all our ball time and ball park friends!!!! I can't believe it is almost over!

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