Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Winter 2014: Talent Show, Ice Storm & Basketball

When you get out of school early two days in a row and have to stay up and watch the weather this is what happens... I actually might be caught up on the ole blogity blog tonight! :) 

Jackson was one of the emcees in his school talent show. He did a great job! 

 Ice Storm 2014: This year we have had more ice and storm and have been out of school for more weather days than I can remember in many years. This was some pictures from the Ice Storm we had in February! It was suppose to be snow but all we got was a few flurries at night and some ice. We let the kiddos go outside and play in it because we knew it would be gone in the morning.

Jackson and Brylee played basketball this winter! Brylee and Jackson had a little photo session one morning before his game! ha! :) Jackson's team was OK they won some and lost some... not the best but not the worst either!

Brylee also played basketball this winter. It was her first time to play! I was so proud of her for playing a "real sport". Her team was not very good... several of them had not played before and our coach was new to coaching basketball as well so that was not a great mix and they lost every game. However, Brylee got better and better each week. She was good at making her free throw shots at the beginning of the game and she was good a blocking her person on defense. She even made one shot during a game as well. I know she was dissappointed that they did not win any games but hopefully she will play again next year.

Jackson's last game of the season... we had basketball doughnuts and metals to celebrate the Chelsea Jay Hawks season!

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