Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 4: Chef Mickey's and Island of Adventures at Universal

We were able to snag a reservation at Chef Mickey's while we were there. We love Chef Mickey's... it's our favorite... lots of yummy breakfast food and of course you get to see the FAB 5 Disney Characters there too! 
The "traditional" Chef Mickey picture they take before you go in to eat. 
 Lots of fun eating with the characters, getting autographs and pictures with the characters!!! 

 They have a dance time where everyone dances around and waves there napkins and sings! 

 Donald Duck 
 Jackson's favorite... he is goofy too!!! :) 
 Mickey Waffles 

 Two Disney Cuties 
 We went outside after the breakfast and took some fun pictures before we changed out of our cute clothes into our park clothes to head back to Island of Adventure at Universal.

 GoGo and Grandaddy with Jackson and Brylee
We changed clothes out of our good cute clothes :) and back into our park clothes to head to Island of Adventure. Which was like Six Flags... lots of water rides, some roller coasters etc.

Today was the coolest day weather wise we had... it was still pretty but just a little windy... we dressed in layers because we knew some of us would be getting wet.
 When we walked in we saw Woody Woodpecker 
 Then we headed to Seussville... 

And this is when we started getting wet... well i don't get wet... see I don't ride water rides... Richard, Jackson and Brylee rode this... Jackson is in the orange shirt on the left of the boat.

 luckily Jackson and Brylee could ride these last two by themselves. :)

Its all fun and games until everyone it wet and yucky so we started to head back home after all the fun.

It was a fun day... again lots of water rides and a lot like Six Flags... we did not do the Harry Potter World... it was crazy crowded over there and my kids don't care about it so we skipped it!

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