Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 5: Last Day of Spring Break Vacation

Today was our last day of Spring Break vacation. We packed up and loaded up our rental van and headed back to Universal Studios to ride a few more rides before heading to the airport.

We wanted to ride the "popular" ride at Universal.. Despicable Me... we waited in line for forever... like 2 hours to ride this 3 d ride... it was cute but it was not worth the wait. But oh well at least we said we road it! 

The kids then went and road a few more roller coasters... they figured out they could ride in the single rider line and get to the ride quicker... so we would take turns waiting with them and then they would ride in the single rider line (which means you don't get to ride beside each other but you are on the same ride and it was like 30 minutes to an hour shorter)... and then we would wait for them at the exit! 
After all our fun at Universal Studios we headed to the airport to return the rental car, get checked in, and we got to hang out in the Crown Room at the airport. See when you fly with Granddaddy who flies all the time you fly in style! :) My kids will be rotten!!! We were Sky Priority all the way so we got to board first, our luggage came out first, etc... just little things that make things easier. We also got to hang out in the Crown Room ... which translate as free food and drink.. even adult drinks :)... just what we needed after a week in Disney! So the kids enjoyed eating everything in sight off the snack bar and we adults enjoyed relaxing. That was probably one if the kids top 5 favorite things about the trip! :) 
Sissy plugged up in the office section and "worked" :) she had fun playing on her ipad... yay for free wifi and snacking! 
Then it was time to board the flight and head back home... sissy was sad to leave!! It was awesome to come home on a Thursday night... we did not get back home until about midnight but it was nice to have Friday and the rest of the weekend to chill before heading back to work! :) 
We had a awesome spring break!!! We loved Disney and if we had it to do over we would just do the Disney Parks but we did both Universal Parks and enjoyed parts of it but we want be revisiting... it will be all Disney next time! :) Until next Mickey and Minnie... XOXO! :)

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