Saturday, April 5, 2014

Epcot: Day 2

Today was Epcot day! We love to eat food from the countries and it's a great place to see the characters. We also love to ride soarin' and the test track. 


Epcot has this Phenus and Ferb thing where you get a phone and search for clues in the countries... we thought it would be cool for the kids so we got one and they did one country and then they were over it. You have to re load it after every country and not every country does it so we gave up after one try! They were able to do mexico while we waited in line for food at our first food stop of the day Mexican Nachos! :) 
 We rode the boat in Mexico too! 
 The kids thought this picture was funny! They said it was the mexican verson of It's a Small World! Ha! :) 
 Traditional picture! 
 This is where we all split up to do different things! Granddaddy sat in the line for Brylee to meet the two princess from Frozen, Elsa and Anna, for what ended up being 2 1/2 hours. GoGo and Jackson went and watched an acrobat show in China and Brylee Richard and I went and walked the countries so she could meet some of the characters and RP could eat! :)

We saw Pooh and Tigger 
 Mary Poppins 
 Then it was time to go meet the infamous duo... Jackson and Brylee were both excited to meet Elsa and Anna! They were beautiful and so sweet! I am not sure there has been a princess so "popular" with a line so long in a really long Disney History! They are currently in Norway but they are moving to Magic Kindgom in a few weeks. Honestly Norway can't handle the crowd... it was nuts! And we "only" waited 2 1/2 hours and the character "handler" told me the line has been 5 hours long at times... oh my!

When Brylee found out we were going to Disney, after the shock set in, that was the first thing she ask... will i get to see Elsa and Anna... that is all she wanted to do! So that is what we did! :) 

 Her favorite picture from the trip! 
Every trip has a theme and this was ours for sure!!!! 

 Then they road the boat ride in Norway too! 
 Ha! :) 
 We ate dinner in Germany tonight! 
The kids love to dance here... 
the chicken dance is their favorite! 

 Our table at Dinner! 
 Chicken Dance! 
 After dinner we went to ride the test track! It was closed last time we went and it was different now. They both got to design their own car!

 Then we rode the ride... it was fun and FAST!!!! 

 Headed out of the park and snapped a few pictures!!! 

We had another beautiful hot day! 

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