Saturday, April 5, 2014

Magic Kingdom: Day 1

We got up bright and early Sunday morning and headed to Magic Kingdom. Jackson wanted to see them "unlock the park" so we were there when they opened the gates. 

Jackson and Brylee watching all the characters ride in on the train and unlock the park! 

Brylee was all excited about the characters she was just a waving at them! 

Welcome to Magic Kingdom!!!! 

Yay!!! for the castle! 

The first ride they wanted to ride was Space Mountain... so we headed to the back of the park so we could ride that ride first! 
They take a picture of you while you ride and here are our pictures... mom, me and brylee at the top and richard, dad, and jackson at the bottom. Jackson rides every roller coaster with his hands up the whole time and brylee screams the whole time whether it is a "scary" part of the ride or not!!! They take after their mommy and love to ride roller coasters! :) 

We also rode the Buzz Lightyear ride while we were over there and he was our first character signature of this trip and our first character picture! I will say I was so surprised that Jackson and Brylee loved seeing the characters as much as they did... i thought they would be "too big" I am so glad they are not yet! :) 

They also "surfed" with Stitch while over there too! 

Then it was off to ride the tea cups! 
and see Alice and White Rabbit too! 
While we were on our way to the other side of the park and to have lunch... 
we caught the Celebrate Parade in front of the castle! 

The infamous stocks!

After lunch we went and rode one of my favorite rides... It's A Small World!!! 
It was about parade time now... I was so excited to see the new parade... Brylee's BFF Ella and her family were in Disney at the same time so we were able to hook up and watch the parade with them. All the kiddos sitting on the front row ready for the parade! 
And of course what is a parade without Mickey Ice Cream 
Here comes the parade... the floats and the costumes were absolutely gorgeous... It was a great new parade!~ 
And of course Elsa and Anna were on one of the floats and I thought the girls were going to wave there little arms off.... they were so excited to see them! 

The Whole Gang at Disney World!!! 
All of us in front of the castle too! 
(we should have done this first thing so we would not be all hot and sweaty but oh well) 

Jackson and Brylee in front of the castle! 

After riding more rides we hooked back up with Heather and the girls and went through the Princess "Hall of Fame" to see the princesses and get pictures and signatures.

Brylee and Rapunzel 
Snow White 
all the girls with Snow White 
aka Pink Princess as Brylee always called her when she was little 
Allie, Brylee & Ella with Princess Aurora
Love these sweet friends!!!!
We all got "pixie dust" in our hair aka glitter... so fun but it was in my hair for days! :)

The castle is so pretty at night!!! 
Its almost time for the light parade & fireworks

We saw the "show" with the songs and images on the castle for the first time! 
I am sure that is not what it is called! ha! :) 
Then it was fireworks time! :) 
We were all exhausted by this point! Poor Jackson was done he was ready to go! We opened the doors to the park and stayed there the whole time riding rides, watching parades, eating, and hugging characters and we closed the park down too! It was a long day but it was our only day at Magic Kingdom so we had to get it all in! The weather was BEAUTIFUL... like HOT sun shining and we all got sunburned! But I was so glad to see the sun and have warm weather I did not care! :) It was a fabulous day!!! I am a huge kid when it comes to Disney!!! It truly is the happiest place on earth! I am ready to go back!!!

God love these poor babies.... they played hard! 
Next Day Epcot!!! 

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