Saturday, April 5, 2014

Guess What???? We are going to Disney!!!!!

GoGo and Grandaddy decided to surprise Jackson and Brylee with a trip to Disney World for Spring Break! We told them we were going to St Augustine to see a fort with Granddaddy for the week because he had to work and they would enjoy learning all about historical events and they might have an indoor pool for them to swim in! :) 

We left Friday evening and drove to Atlanta to spend the night! We told them they were just going to spend the night  to break up the long drive. But when we got to the hotel we had to check in and leave our car in the park and fly section so they figured out we were flying that night. But, we just told them we were flying to St. Augustine. We talked about going ahead and telling them that we were flying to Disney but I wanted them to sleep and I figured if we told them they would be too excited to sleep! :) 

When the airport shuttle took us to the airport that morning and dropped us off the sky cap said so yall are going to Orlando? And the kids were like what??? So that is when we told them Surprise you are going to fly to Orlando and go to Disney World for Spring Break! They were more in shock than anything! They did not have the "Christmas Morning" screaming excitement... but the shock really reaction! They were excited!!!

The girls are all ready to fly to Orlando!!!! 
Jackson sitting by the window and ready to fly! 
We landed in Orlando around 8:00. We got our rental car and baggage and went to check out Orlando and Disney!

Our first stop was Target to get a camera. I left my "big girl cannon" camera at home {on purpose} it is just too big to lug around Disney so we needed something smaller. We also wanted to get Disney souvenirs too!

Then we headed to Downtown Disney to eat lunch!  

After lunch we walked around Disney to check out some of our favorite stores!
First stop, the Lego Store... 

Then the Disney Store

It was a Frozen Girl's heaven!!! 

Then off to our favorite store... Goofy's Candy Store

Check out how cute all the candy treats are. I loved the Frozen Snowman choc covered apples... 
Brylee picked a minnie mouse one.. it was cute too! 

I love this store!!! So bright and fun and yummy treats too! 

We were sad to find out that the Mickey's Sports Store had moved to ESPN so we did not make it there. 

After all the fun in Downtown Disney we headed to the house to drop off our luggage and them to the grocery store to get some food and snacks. The house we stayed in had its own pool so Jackson and Brylee wanted to stay there and swim that night so we decided to just grill out and let them swim! It was a great idea... we got all unpacked and settled. It also had a game room with a pool table and ping pong table too so Jackson and Brylee enjoyed playing those too! 

We were all ready to settle in and get ready for our first day at Disney tomorrow!!!!!

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