Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 19th through March 25th

Wednesday, March 19th: To Pack or Not 
I am not sure what happened to my "type A packing person" but she took this trip off!!! I am normally an OCD packer with lots of list about what everyone will wear when and where for at least a week out before a trip! But this trip I had not even thought about or packed the first thing and we were leaving in 2 days!!! 

Thursday, March 20th: My New Do! 
What does one do the night before they leave for vacation? Why they go get their hair cut and highlighted... Even when they are still not packed! I got home from the salon at 7:30pm and decided I better pack since we were leaving the next day for vacation! If I am honest with you I will tell you I contemplated getting a spray tan and a pedicure on my way home but I talked myself out of those and went home and packed! ;) 

Friday, March 21st: It's Spring Break
We headed to Atlanta Friday afternoon to spend the night at the Hilton and catch an early flight out of Atlanta to Orlando! 

Saturday, March 22nd: Surprise!!!! 
We are flying to Orlando! We surprised our kids with a trip to Disney and Universal for Spring Break!!! They found out when we got to the airport and the sky cap told them! ;) 

Sunday, March 23rd: Magic Kingdom 
We spent the day in Magic Kingdom and had a great time riding rides, watching parades & fireworks, and seeing characters! I love Disney World... It's the happiest place on earth!  

Monday, March 24th: Epcot 
We spent today at Epcot riding rides, visiting the counties and meeting the princesses and the ever so popular Elsa and Anna from the movie *Frozen*!!! That was the very first thing Brylee said she wanted to do when she found out we were going to Disney!!! We "only" waited 2 1/2 hrs to see them! 

Tuesday March 25th: Universal Studios 
Today we went to Universal Studios! This is the first time we have been there! We enjoyed the day riding lots of roller coasters!!! Jackson said this was his favorite park! ;) 

*** I will do a daily recap about our trip with lots of pictures from the real camera but this is just a quick review to keep up with my weekly post from my picture a day challenge!*** 

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