Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 12th through March 18th

Wednesday March 12th: Jackson working hard on his RA Racer car at church! 
All the boys work on building a car for several weeks and then in a few weeks they will have a RA Racer Day and race their cars! 

Thursday, March 13th: Spring Pictures 
Today the kiddos had spring picture at school! Although I will more than likely not buy them because they are usually super cheesy I atleast like to put forth an effort to make them dress all cute and springy! 

Friday, March 14th: Festival in the Forest 
Jackson and Brylee's school had a spring festival complete with some carnival rides, bounce houses, and lots of fun booths and vendors! 

Saturday, March 15th: Shop til U Drop
That is pretty much what I feel like when I shop with Brylee aka Miss Picky! Lordy mercy she doesn't "like" anything! it seems like and the selection for her age leaves a lot to be desired too! We finally found some shorts and shirts we both like! 

Sunday, March 16th: Sunday... 
When Sunday night rolls around I am always sad to see the weekend go! Especially these pretty weekends we have had lately. But on the flip side at least it is 5 days until Spring Break!!! Yay!!! 

Monday, March 17th: St Patty's Day 
Happy St Patricks Day!!!! You can't pinch us because we wore our green!!! 

Tuesday, March 18th: 1st Softball Game
Brylee has her first softball game tonight! She did great! I love watching her play! I think she is really starting to understand the game and enjoy herself! Although, they did not win she did a great job for her first ever softball game!!! Good Luck to my #21 "B"!!!! Go Chelsea Menace!!!  

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