Sunday, June 8, 2014

May 28th through June 3rd

Wednesday, May 28th: Summer Snacks
After our weekly allergy appointment we went for some summer snacks! Jackson and I got ice cream and Brylee got shaved ice!!! 

Thursday, May 29th: CBC Appreciation Night 
Tonight we went to a CBC Baseball Appreciation Dinner! We had a cookout and all the CBC team were announced! 

Friday, May 30th: Swimming 
We went with our buddies Zach and Noah to go swimming! It was a fun day with friends! 

Saturday, May 31st: HOT Baseball Tournament 
Jackson played in a baseball tournament in Montevallo this weekend! It was definitely a summer baseball tournament because is was H-O-T!!!

Sunday, June 1st: More Chelsea Baseball
You would think we would be sick of the baseball field and baseball games! But no! We go when we don't even have to! Our cousin Graham and his all star team were playing in a tournament close to us so we went to watch them and cheer them on in their championship game... And they won!!!! Go Chelsea Bad Boyz & Graham-Bo!!! 

Monday,June 2nd: a night with the boys
Sissy Sue left today to go to the lake for the week so Jackson could not stand being the only child for long so his buddy Zach came to spend the night! 

Tuesday, June 3rd: Hiking at Peavine Falls
Leah and I decided it would be a great idea to take our boys to Peavine Falls at Oak Mt. We clearly had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We thought it was going to be a nice walk down a trail! We basically went repealing without ropes and helmets. We climbed up and down rocks, using vines to hold onto so we would not fall and hiked up and down dirt trails! It was fun but WOW!!! It totally kicked our tails! However, the boys enjoyed swimming in the falls too! The joys of being a boy mom! We scored some major boy mom points after this trip! 

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