Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 13th through August 19th

Wednesday, August 13th: Back to Church 
Wednesday Nights at LBC started tonight! We love family meal time {and mommy doesn't have to cook... yay}. Jackson and Brylee enjoy doing GA's & RA's {can't believe this is Jackson's last year... He will be in the youth next year} and I am doing a Bible study on Wednesday nights and took a break from teaching GA's.

Thursday, August 14th: Sonic Happy Hour 
Sometimes the car pool mommy brings Sonic Slushes when she picks up!!! It's been a long hot day... So everyone needs a little happy hour treat! 

Friday, August 15th: Are you ready for some football... 
In honor of the CHS Blue/White Game Jackson and his team wore their football jersey to school today! Go Chelsea Cowboys!!! 

Saturday, August 16th: CHS Blue/White Day 
Jackson and his team played in the CHS Blue/White Game. They played some of the other Chelsea teams. 

Sunday, August 17th: Sunday Snaps 
We have finally made it back to church after missing so much of the summer!!! So back to Sunday Snaps!!! 

Monday, August 18th: I love Mondays!!! 
Monday (for now) is our only night we are actually home... It's nice to be able to come home from school and not have to be anywhere else! We all get to eat dinner at home, get homework done & everyone gets in bed at a decent time! Yay for Mondays! 

Tuesday, August 19th: football practice 
I can say I know why moms aren't football coaches... Because I would declare it too hot for football practice! LOL!!! However, I sure do love my hot, sweaty, nasty #44 football player!!! 

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