Saturday, September 6, 2014

August 20th through August 26th

Wednesday, August 20th: Smile! ;) It's School Picture Day!!! 
4th grade school picture day!!! Yes Brylee is still rocking the bow.... I try & give them up but I just can't! She is going to give me grief about that one day!!! Oh well!!!! 

Thursday, August 21st: CMS Opening Game! 
Tonight was the first game of the CMS football season... This is "daddy's team" for those that can't keep up!!! ;) This also marks the last year JP will be the CMS ball boy because next year he will be playing on this field!!! Crazy to think he has been the CMS ball boy since he was 4!!! He takes his "job" very serious too! ;)

Friday, August 22nd: School Selfie 
I am so greatful for some maternity leaves that have come my way! I am currently doing a GRC maternity leave and two of my days are at Brylee's School! She loves me bring their!!! She keeps me company during my morning hall duty and I get to enjoy lunch with her too!!! Enjoying this time with my girl!!!! 

Saturday, August 23rd: CYC Jamboree Day!!! 
Although it was 1 million degrees outside we had a great time at the CYC Jamboree Day!!! It was a long day because we had the ice cream truck at the event so we were there from the first game until the last game and Brylee cheered for her team and Jackson played as well! It was a fun day!!! 

Sunday, August 24th: Happy 80th Birthday Nannie!!!! 
Today we celebrated my Nannie's 80th birthday!!! Nothing says Happy 80th Birthday than a 4:00pm dinner at Lloyd's!!! Ha! Got to love old people and their party times! ;) 

Monday, August 25th: Cutest Pizza Girl I have ever seen...
I have been trying very hard to cook and plan our meals so we don't have to eat out a ton.... But I goofed today! I bought stuff for crock pot fajitas this weekend but totally forgot to put them in the crock pot before I left for school this morning and the chicken was frozen so there was really no way to rush it so Pizza Hut is what was for dinner! My kids have always loved to play "pizza delivery guy"! They get the pizza and go ring the doorbell and we have to come answer it like we would for the "real" pizza guy! Lol! Never too old for fun and games!!!! 

Tuesday, August 26th: Chillaxing! 
JP had practice Monday but not tonight! He had a late practice on Monday too! So he was pretty tired this afternoon! I looked over at him and he was all cuddled up on the couch with a blanket watching TV! If you know JP well you know this is a rare sight... He is usually always on the go but I think middle school and football are catching up with him!!! He was recharging his "battery"!!! 

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