Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 17th through September 23rd

Wednesday, September 17th:  Happy Homecoming Brylee! 
Tonight was Brylee's Homecoming Game  {it was rescheduled from Monday night rain out}!!! It was a little bit of a crazy night for us! JP and BP had games at the same time at two different places! RP is a coach for JP's team and I think he just knew that would be a great "excuse" for him not to be at Brylee's homecoming to escort her across the field and give her a rose during half time! He just knew she would be ok with me or Grandaddy standing in! Well, let me just say Brylee was not having it! She said "I am not going out there with anyone else and looking like I don't have a daddy... I will walk out there by myself and they can say over the loud speaker She is escorted by no one because her daddy is at a football game!" Ha! I guess she got her point across and her daddy was there (in his coaching attire and left to go to the game right after half time) but he was there and did his part for his baby girl! 

Thursday, September 18th: last lunch date 
Today was my "last lunch date" with my sissy girl! I have been doing a maternity leave for the last 6 weeks and three days a week I was at one school and two days I was at Brylee's school. My lunch time just so happen to be the same time has hers and I did not have a class to supervise at lunch so I got to eat lunch with her every Thur and Fri! We enjoyed our time together and some one became a little "spoiled" being at school with her mommy. She some how made it to my room anytime she needed to go to the "bathroom"! Little stinker! 

Friday, September 19th: Chelsea High School Homecoming 
Tonight we went to see Chelsea High School's homecoming! It was a fun night! I love to go and see the high school kids all dressed up & ready for the dance! 

Saturday, September 20th: Leeds Featival 
We sold ice cream at a festival in the city of Leeds today. The kids came out in the evening when the band started, which just so happen to be some of our family friends playing, so it was fun to listen to them! It was a nice cool night that felt like Fall!!! 

Sunday, September 21st: Sweet Frog with my Sweeties 
We love some FroYo for an after dinner treat!!! 

Monday, September 21st: love my #44
Jackson all ready for his game Monday Night!!! Love watching my #44 play!!! 

Tuesday, September 22nd: math madness

There are nights BP brings home math homework and I am glad she gets their "new math" ways and I am thankful for teacher friends who help me understand it!!! Carry and borrow are bad words... So is long division!!!! Oh my!!! ;) the left his her working out her math problem & the right is how she checked her answer!!! 

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