Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 10th through September 16th

September 10th: A Little {Wednesday} Night Lights!!! 
JP played his first game and then it rained and stormed so they called it and we had to go back the next week and play the second half. Well, the break did not go so well for us! We were winning at the first half when the game was called and ten we ended up loosing in the second half a week later! Boo! ;(

Thursday, September 11th: May We Never Forget! 
Jackson, Brylee & I went to see RP's team, the CMS hornets, play calera tonight! As I watched them warm up I saw a beautiful sky line and the flags flying at half mass. May we never forget those who lost their lives that day! 

Friday, September 12th: TGIF from this crazy crew!! 
We enjoyed dinner and desserts tonight to welcome the weekend! 

Saturday, September 13th: Date Night to a Wedding! 
Richard's cousins son (the first great great grandchild on Richard's dad side of the family to get married; Which is crazy to me bc JP and BP are great great grands and thankfully they are far from getting married) ;) LOL! 

It's nice to get all dressed up in our "fancy" clothes and have a date night! It was a beautiful night and a beautiful wedding and we enjoyed a night to ourselves! 

Sunday, September 14th: Happy Birthday Granny! 
Richard's dad decided to have his mom a Surprise 59th Birthday! So we all partied around the big ole tree at the Mexican restaurant on the land his mom's family grew up on! It's very rare that all 5 grand kids are together so this picture is pretty "golden"! 

Monday, September 15th: Rainy Monday Treat
This rainy Monday which canceled all afternoon activities allowed us to have a night at home... Which are a rare thing these days!!! JP decided that was a reason to celebrate with making brownies!!! 

Tuesday, September 16th: dress up days 
Today was a dress up day for both kids at school! Homecoming week for JP: USA day & Book Fair for Brylee: Orange you glad we have books... Wear Orange! 

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