Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 3rd through September 9th

Wednesday, September 3rd: first football game 
JP had his first football game tonight but he only got to play a half because it started to rain and they canceled the game! This is what a drenched football player looks like! ;) 

Thursday, September 4th: Brylee's first game 
Brylee had her first game tonight! Cheer Sissy Cheer!!! 

Friday, September 5th: CHS Football Game 
As if we did not get in enough football games this week with one on wed & thur nights... We just "had to go" to the highschool game Friday night! JP is all about supporting the Chelsea Hornets!! 

Saturday, September 6th: Liz's 1st Birthday 
One of Richards friends little girl had her first birthday party today! Jackson was playing and holding Liz and she just loved Jackson. He came and sat down in the chair to watch some of the Alabama game and Liz laid her little head down and was out! JP looked at me and said "umm she is asleep now what do I do? " ha! Don't move buddy just sit there! Ha! ;) JP the baby whisper!!! 

Sunday, September 7th: My War Eagle Girl!!! 
Sunday Brylee wore her colors and supported her Auburn Tigers to church!!! 

Monday, September 8th: No A/C 
Well our A/C went out last night! Yes I know that sounds lovely right?!?! Well thank goodness for this little portable AC unit it is what kept us all cool! We all bunked in our room to stay cool! Thank goodness it was an easy fix and we had air again Tuesday night!!! Thanks to a baseball buddy & my handy daddy husband!!! 

Tuesday, September 9th: Chelsea Cheer
Brylee cheered tonight for her 2nd game! I love when she cheers but I will say I don't love driving to some of these far away games! Tonight she played in Hoover which that field was in the back of Lake Cyrus which is close to nothing!!!! Thank goodness that game is out of the way!!! Go Chelsea!!!

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