Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 1st through October 7th

Wednesday, October 1st: Kindergartners are Krazy for Kona Ice
I am doing a maternity leave in kindergarten until Christmas. I love my little borrowed kindergartners. On the first Wednesday of each month we have Kona Ice... My little kinder kids love them some Kona Ice!!! 

Thursday, October 2nd: it's close enough to Halloween now, right mom??? 
Brylee got this shirt when we were in Atlanta back in August and she has been waiting "patiently" to wear it! So today she decided it was close enough to Halloween to wear her shirt!!! Lol! 

Friday, October 3rd: Happy Birthday GoGo
Jackson and Brylee went to dinner at a new chicken salad place and to see the movie Dolphin Tale 2 tonight with GoGo and Grandaddy to celebrate GoGo's birthday!! (RP and I sold icecream at a local fall festival so we missed out on all the fun!) 

Saturday, October 4th: War Eagle Girls!!! 
We all celebrated GoGo's birthday tonight! We got Seafood Chicken Box to go and watched football!!! Then we ate a yummy ice cream cake and celebrated 
an Auburn win and GoGo's birthday!!!

Sunday, October 5th: finally looking & feeing like fall at our house
I wanted to decorate our house for fall on Labor Day and RP made such fun of me and told it was way too early. Now I wished I would gave because we have been so busy I just now got my fall stuff out this weekend. We enjoyed our first pot of taco soup and our fall decorations tonight! So then I told him I was decorating our house for Christmas on Veterans Day... I hope he knows I am serious! ;) 

Monday, October 6th: Pink Out for Football 
It was JP's "homecoming game" tonight so the parents made posters for the players to hang on the fence and they doughnuts and cupcakes after the game! It was also the first game in October so JP broke out the pink! 

Tuesday, October 7th: daddy the teacher round two 
Math is not my strongest subject so I don't do math homework help if I don't have too! RP had just got home from football practice and was eating dinner when Brylee says "oh daddy I need you to check my math homeowork" he takes a look at it and says "is this for a grade" to which Brylee replies YES and RP says "well go get your eraser"!!! We all laughed so hard because he did not say pencil just eraser! Poor daddy teacher by day and night! I am thankful counting to 100 is a major milestone in kindergarten! Lol!

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