Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 12th through November 18th

Wednesday, November 12th: Operation Christmas Child 
One of my favorite Christmas traditions we do with the kids is fill shoeboxes with little goodies for children on the other side of the ocean to receive for Christmas! My sweet babies have the best time picking out items for their boxes. 

Thursday, November 13th: It's beginning to look like Christmas! 
do a terrible job of "respecting the turkey" but I knew if I did not start early I would not get my house decorated and be able to enjoy it before we left to go out of town during Thanksgiving Break. We started decorating Tuesday when we were out of school and finished up some tonight. Even though I started early I am still not done! 
Friday, November 14th: TGIF 
TGIF! We are always glad when Friday rolls around and usually welcome te weekend with dinner out! Tonight We enjoyed dinner at Superior Grill and enjoyed cheese dip, mexican and margaritas! It was a win win for sure! 

Saturday, November 15th: Thanksgivg with The Powers
We had thanksgiving with Richard's dad's side of the family today! All the girl cousins enjoyed hanging out outside catching up after lunch! 
Sunday, November 16th: better together shower
Our families friend Cathy is having twin grandchildren in a few weeks and we had her a grandmother shower. I enjoyed seeing and talking with these ladies... We just might have talked about planning our next New York Trip! 

Monday, November 17th: like father like son 
Like father, like son! Just before bed these two were watching sports center and playing on their iPads! We joked with JP he was getting his technology fix in because he was leaving the next morning  for camp for the week and no technology was allowed! We were not sure what he was going to miss most his bedtime TV or his bedtime snack! ;) 

Tuesday, November 18th: Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to camp he goes! 
My buddy left for camp this morning! I dropped him and his luggage off at school this morning at 7:00 and I will not see him again until Friday after school! I don't know that this mommys heart is going to be able to take this! I will miss him so much! It's not the whole camp thing that made me nervous it is that I can't even talk to him each night! That is going to be hard! ;( 

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