Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 19th through November 25th

Wednesday, November 19th: rotten child 
This is a picture of a rotten little girl who thinks she is the princess of the house this week since her brother is off at camp! She was rotten for sure!!! Can you smell her?!?! ;) 

Thursday, November 20th: Thanksgiving Feast with my Kinder Friends 
Thursday my little kinder friends and I had our Thanksgiving Feast! At MLES thanksgiving in kindergarten is a really big deal probably more so than Christmas! We have been practicing these little thanksgiving songs and poems all month! We made little Native American Vest/Dresses from pillowcases, headbands, and necklaces! All the parents and I mean all the parents came... I even had both moms and dads for some of my friends! You know it is a big deal when the dads take off to come in the middle of the day! So sweet! My sweet babies did an awesome job on their little program... I may have teared up at how good they did because we all worked so hard to make it special for their parents! Then we have a feast.. All the parents bring in thanksgiving food and we feasted! It was so much fun! We were fortunate to have an extra classroom that is not in use and we were able to do our program and feast in there which gave us more room. I must say I am pretty proud of my Thanksgiving "backdrop" which stressed me out in the beginning! Well honestly, I was a little stressed about this whole feast just because it was my first time. It was a lot of fun! I am going to miss my little kinder friends when I leave in a few weeks!

Friday, November 21st: he's home!!! 
My little buddy is back!!! I actually got to see him Thursday night! RP was suppose to go for the adventure through the woods the last night but ended up having a basketball draft so I went and then he came after the draft and spent the night! You know I missed my little buddy and wanted to see him when I agree to go on an adventure through the woods for 3 hours! It really was a lot of fun and I got to see a glimps of all the fun they had that week! I am so glad he went even though I missed him like crazy he had a lot of fun and learned a lot too! Like one of my friends said, it was all fun and games until dinner and bed time each night and I could not talk to him about his day or tuck him in! 

Saturday, November 22nd: Packin' away... 
Today I spent a lazy Saturday at home washing, folding, & packing for our trip to Disney World! Brylee will be cheering in the thanksgiving day parade for UCA and so we are making a little Disney Thanksgiving Vaca out of it too!!!

Sunday, November 23rd: Disney Bound 
Today is the day... We are up bright and early... Packed and ready... Excited and anxious to get to the most wonderful place on earth! Disney World... Where dreams really do come true!!!!
My little turkey turned a cheese ball into a turkey!
Kids at the kids table ready to eat! 

We headed to Lake to have thanksgiving lunch with Richard's parents and then off to Valdosta, Ga for the night, then we will get up and head to Disney Monday! 

Monday, November 24th: Hollywood Studios 
We woke up bright and early today and left Valdosta, GA and headed to Orlando. Our first fast pass was at 11:30am so our goal was do be in the park. We stopped by Coranodo Springs (which is where we stayed), checked in, unloaded our luggage, got Richard and Jackson's tickets/magic bands (there's did not ship with ours) and headed to the bus to go to the park! 

We spent the day in Hollywood Studios and rode lots of rides. Jackson and Brylee loved Rockin Roller Coaster & Tower of Terror! The new Frozen sing a long was great too... It was worth the hour wait our sweet daddy sat in line and held us a spot while we rode another ride since we could not get a fast pass for it. We stayed for Fantasmic (the night show) and then walked to The Spectical of Lights (lots of Christmas lights synchronized to music) and I "tortured" my family and made them wait in line and get their picture made with Santa Goofy! We left Hollywood Studios and went to Magic Kingdom and rode several rides and shut the park down! We knew today was going to be the best weather day of our trip so we crammed as much fun in as we could! It was a good choice!!! 

Tuesday, November 25th: Animal Kingdom
Today we woke up to torrential down pour rain! We slept late because we were out late the night before and the thunder and lightning woke us up! Then our phones went off because of the tornado warning. We hung around the hotel and ate breakfast there and weighed our options as to what to do! We could brave the rain and go or stay in the hotel and go to the park on Friday before we left! I knew both situations would have their drawbacks. Rain is no fun and we might be soaked but the crowds would be light. Staying in a hotel room all day with bored kids did not sound fun and we have been to Disney during Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving was crazy busy so I knew the crowds would be nuts. Surprisingly, I was the one that was all on board for going to the park and braving the rain and RP was not. But, being the good husband he is he said well ok let's go! So we all geared up in our rain gear and off we went! It turned out to be a great choice. The major rain stayed north of us and we dodged a huge bullit. It was rain more like sprinkle off and on but nothing like what was predicted. The crowds were light and Jackson and Brylee rode Everest 5 times... They loved it!!! Richard and I rode it with them once and we all got in the first two cars. Jackson was pumped! He loves him a roller coaster! They were also able to ride many other rides they wanted to with very little wait time. Then we headed to Magic Kingdom for some more fun rides. They were able to ride Splash Moutain and Big Thunder Mtn Railroad several times with no lines as well. Then it started raining pretty heavily so we jumped on the train and road it to the front of the park and then caught the bus back to our hotel. 

Although I would have chosen sunny and 75 the rain was really not that bad. It made for light crowds which enabled us to ride lots of the big rides with little to no wait. We just put our rain coats on and went. That's just what you have to do in Disney! Just go with it and make the best of it! 

We really enjoyed Animal Kingdom this time! In the past it has been our least favorite park but we really enjoyed it this time. 

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