Sunday, December 7, 2014

November 26th through December 2nd

INovember 26th: Epcot 
We enjoyed our day at Epcot. It was a little dreary when we started but then the sun came out and it was a pretty day. We enjoyed walking and eating out way through the countries, riding Soaring, and Test Track. 

Thursday, November 27th: Happy Thanksgiving from my UCA All-American and Minnie!
Today was the day we had all been waiting for; Brylee would cheer in the Thanksgiving Day parade at Magic Kingdom with the UCA All American Cheerleaders from all over the south east. It was a great day and we loved seeing her cheer in the parade. 

Friday, November 28th: Good bye Disney 
Well as they say all good thing must come to an end! Our Disney trip was coming to an end. Until next time Mickey!!! XOXO
We had a great time and enjoyed our time in Disney! I will say I am as excited to get their as the next person but when it's time to go I am usually ready! I never miss the foreigners, ole granny's in their motorized scooters, and moms in double strollers who ride all over you! It's a simple rule walk in on the right and out on the left. LOL!! 

Saturday, November 29th: Happy Birthday G-Daddy! 
Today was not only the Iron Bowl but it was also G-Daddy's birthday! RP cooked us a boston butt, I made him his favorite dessert Lemon Ice Box Pie and mom made the sides! We all enjoyed dinner at their house and then watched the football game! Happy Birthday G-Daddy!!! We love you lots!!! 

Sunday, November 30th: steel city 
Daddy knows the way to our hearts!!! Steel City Pops!!! Why what else do you do on a day in late fall when it is a warm 71 degrees outside!!! Why of course you eat Steel City Pops!!! 

Monday, December 1st: welcome back, little elves
Look who's back! Our elves {Bethany, Phil, Jordan Lee & baby} are back to spend the holiday season with us! They came bringing Christmas Tree cakes and Santa brownies! Brylee also kicked off the holiday season wearing her Christmas tee that she has waited weeks to wear. 

Tuesday, December 2nd: Christmas Movies
I am enjoying the slow pace of the Christmas season we are having right now... It want always be this slow as the days and weeks become closer to Christmas! But tonight I am thankful to be able to watch Elf with the family with just Christmas lights lighting our house! Making Christmas memories!!! Trying to celebrate a little bit of Christmas each day!!! 

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