Tuesday, November 11, 2014

October 22nd through October 28th

Wednesday, October 22nd: Wednesday Night Bible Study 
I have been doing this bible study on Wednesday nights at church. There are some Wednesday nights where I am so tired and I just want to go home and crawl in bed and not go! There are so weeks I get some of homework done and some weeks I get none of my homework done! But no matter how much of the work I get done or how tired I am when I go I am always glad I go! These ladies in this study bless me more than they will ever know! Thankful for my Wednesday night bible study girls!!!! 

Thursday, October 23rd: Hang Down Earrings 
When Brylee was little she would beg and beg to get her ears pierced! She wanted to wear earrings like her mama! Well I finally gave in and let her get her ears pierced for her 4th birthday! She was so excited! I was very picky in the beginning and only let her wear little pearls in her ears and then as she got older I let her wear some other stud earrings. We actually even had to have that discussion that she was only allowed to wear those pearls in the beginning and if she did not agree to that we could not get them pierced! She agreed but wanted to know when she could wear "hang down earrings". I nonchalantly said "oh when you turn 10"! Well, she never forgot those words and she turned 10 on Tuesday! For her birthday she got lots of earrings and Nonnie and Poppie gave her a pretty pink jewelry full of "hang down earrings"! She loved her gift and it is a big deal each morning which earring she is going to wear the next day! She is such a girly girl! You could not have paid me to wear hang down earrings at 10 or any kind of earrings for that matter! I always say "all my mothers dreams came true the day Brylee was born"... She is the child my mother longed for me to 
be!!! ;) 

Friday, October 24th: Birthday Shopping with my Girl 
Sister and I headed out to meet GoGo after school to do some birthday party outfit shopping! No shopping trip is complete with a stop by Steel City for a pop! It's a shame we have to drive past it to go anywhere! We are addicted! Love shopping with my girl!

Saturday, October 25th: It's Birthday Party Day... Roll on over for Brylee's 10th Birthday! 
Brylee had a great birthday party skating with all her friends! 

Sunday, October 26th: Fall Festivities!! 
I completely lost my mama mind and decided it would be a great idea to take Jackson and Brylee to not one but two Halloween festivities today! What was I thinking?!?! We started off at a local trunk or treat and they had fun walking around getting candy! Then we left there and went to another local fall festival. They had a great time and I had the absolute best homemade corndog ever! I think I will go back every year for the corndog... It was that good and I don't like corndogs! It was all fun and games until the ride home and then I realized it was not my best decision. The sugar crash was oh so fun! I scored lots of cool mom pointed but we sure were tired from all our fun!

Monday, October 27th: An un-carved pumpkin 
I had another marvelous idea and decided I would surprise the kids with a pumpkin to carve tonight! They have been asking to carve a pumpkin for a few weeks! So I texted RP and told him to bring home a pumpkin for a surprise and we would carve it! Heaven help us that turned into the worst idea ever! Who knew?!? They had terrible attitudes and we're just being so argumentative and just plan disrespectful so we called a timeout and no one carved a pumpkin tonight and instead it was super early bedtime!

Tuesday, October 28th: pumpkin carving round 2
Well thankfully they "learned their lesson" and decided they would have better attitudes and we carved the pumpkin tonight! Jp said it looked like the kool Aid man! Ha! ;)

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