Tuesday, November 11, 2014

October 29th though November 4th

Wednesday, October 29th: Happy {almost} Halloween from Brylee 
Brylee was proud of her pumpkin she colored at church. The older the kids get the less of these little projects we get so this one made the fridge! LOL! 
Thursday, October 30th: Pizza Patio Party
Brylee missed the make a silly face memo... But we enjoyed our pizza patio party while getting everything ready for our Halloween party tomorrow night! 
Friday, October 31st: Happy Halloween 
We had a awesome Halloween! We had all our friends over for our annual Halloween party! We all enjoyed soups, hotdogs, wings and snacks before heading out on a trailer ride to go trick or treating! Halloween has become one of my favorite holidays because we have so much fun with all our friends! It's helps too that the kids are older and can hang for a while too. 
Saturday, November 1st: Saturday Shopping 
Brylee's favorite past time!!! Shopping! Lord help me! 
Sunday,November 1st: Grants Mill Station Fun 
Brylee had a birthday party for a friend at Grants Mill Station. Jackson has always wanted to go so we just all went and they had a great time playing and climbing. 
Monday, November 2nd: A slower pace... 
The fall is so busy for us with lots of activities and busy schedules. We are thankful for a slower pace before the holidays. We had dinner baths and pj by 6 tonight and Brylee was relaxing on the couch reading! 
Tuesday, November 3rd: Loving this weather... 
We enjoyed an afternoon outside on the trampoline and grilling burgers for dinner! 

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