Monday, December 29, 2014

December 17th through December 23rd

Wednesday, December 17th: Brylee & her Christmas festivities... 
Brylee and her class had their Christmas Party today! I think she is a little sad she is "growing up"! I think she is learning the older you get the less fun things are and they don't really make a big deal about things as they did when you were in the younger grades! ;( 
However, I am thankful for sweet friends who send me pictures when I can't be there... Even if Brylee said mom you did miss much! LOL!
Brylee and the GA's at church went to sing Christmas carols at the nursing home tonight! So sweet! 
All the girls singing! 

Thursday, December 18th: Christmas Celebrating with MLES
My time at MLES is coming to an end! Sad sad! ;( Tonight was the faculty  Christmas party at the principals house. All of the Kinder teachers went to that and then these sweet ladies took me to dinner at Pablo's! I am going to miss these sweet ladies so much! We have just had the best time these last few months! 
Not only did i love my time at MLES but God really worked on my heart during my time their as well! I was so sad and just really upset with God when I did not get a "real" teaching job in the fall when school started! I could not figure out "what was wrong with me" or "why he was punishing me and my family"! Those were some dark days for sure! However, I had no idea what he had in store! I enjoyed my time as a GRC teacher in August and beginning of Sept. It was a perfect way to start the year and I was even able to spend some time at Brylee's school with her as well! Then in Sept I started my leave in Kindergarten and remained their until Christmas! I loved being back in kindergarten! 

I loved MLES and the faculty and staff! It was just what I needed! Everyone their from the principal to the teachers to the janitor, the assistant principal and everyone in between were so helpful and kind! I simply did not know places and people like this existed in schools and in the working world! It was such a blessing! God really showed me teaching was my calling and no one can ruin his calling for me! Who are "they" to stear me away from His calling and desire for my life! 
These sweet kindergarten teachers were amazing! They adopted me as their own and treated me like I had been there as long as they have! I made friends with these ladies and will miss them come January 5th! Thankfully I already have some sub days lined up so I can see them soon! 

I may not always know what God's plan is for my life or what he has in store! Waiting on his plan is never easy for my Type A self... But honestly Mt Laurel was better than I could ever dreamed of and I thank God daily for that experience and can't wait to see what his plan is for me next! It is so hard for me to remember his plan is far better than anything I could ever plan! 
This made me think of my bible study this summer, plan B! I am thankful for this "plan B" and not my "plan A"! I hope I remember that in all situations! God is good all the time! {sorry that was really long} 

Friday, December 19th: merry Christnas break 

Today was my last day with these sweet babies! I know every other teacher wished and maybe even "told" their students not to come to school on Friday but I wanted each and everyone of mine to come! I wanted to celebrate with them and tell them all Merry Christmas and hug them good bye! We had a super fun Polar Express Day full of hot coco, doughnuts, movies, and bells! 

Jackson and Brylee sweet talked their Grandaddy into letting them spend the day with him so they did not have to go to school! I met up with them after school and we all enjoyed lunch together and celebrated the first day of Christmas Break! Two weeks of no school, no alarm, no homework, and lots of sleeping late and Christmas fun!!! 

Saturday, December 20th: Christmas with Nannie & the Beardens! 
Tonight we had Christmas with my Nannie and the Beardens! We all met for dinner at my parents house, then we all went to church for the Christmas service and candle light service {which is one of my fav things... B/C it is so pretty} and then went back to their house for dessert and gifts! 
Jackson and Brylee with my Nannie! 

Sunday, December 21st: Christmas at the Lake
We went to the lake today to do Christmas with Granny and Pap Pap! All 5 cousins in front of the tree eagerly waiting to open presents but only after we get just "one" picture of them together! We enjoyed spending time with our cousins, Granny and Pap Pap and of course the kiddos were all spoiled with lots of Christmas gifts too!!! (Another post coming with details)

Monday, December 22nd: Candy Cane Creek
Let me just say, I am so thankful to be off with my family during Christmas! It's so nice not to have to worry about either of us having to go to work! I know all too well how it feels to have to rush through the holidays because of work! I try and remember those days of getting up and being at work the day after Christmas or not being able to enjoy time with our families because we had to rush back so I could go to work! All that to say, I am so thankful for this time with our families and hold a special place in my heart for those who are scheduling around work... It's not always fun! Anyway, sorry that has nothing to do with the above picture, really! 

We spent the night at the lake Sunday night and most of the day Monday too! We came home around dusk so we could enjoy some of the Christmas lights on the way home! One place we love to stop by is Candy Cane Creek! It's just such a cute little happy house full of decorations! 

Tuesday, December 23rd: Fun times with the Bailey Girls
Brylee and I enjoyed meeting the Bailey girls for lunch at Chicken Salad Chick and then we went to see Annie! It was such a cute movie and we of course enjoyed catching up with them too! It's not the beach but it will do! LOL!!!

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