Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 5: February 2nd through February 8th

Monday, February 2nd: RP headed up to the middle school to work on some football stuff after school. Jackson and Brylee wanted to stay at the field house with RP for a little bit. A few moments of quiet by myself at home... that sounds fabulous. Until I got this picture?!?!? What!!! Barf! Ha! :) He assured me it was clean and they were just in their smashing down the empty shoulder pad boxes not trash!

Tuesday, February 3rd: Book Report Smook Report: Every two weeks Jackson has a book report due in ELA. Lets just say we all don't enjoy that night! Book reports are not our favorite! :)

Wednesday, February 4th: Hello, we are the Powers family and we are addicted to McDonald's ice cream: Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? 

Thursday, February 5th: Thank Goodness for CFA: We have done really awesome eating at home. If you know me you know I love some eating out and hate some cooking... but I have made menus each Sunday and we have actually stuck to them and only went out to eat once during January for dinner! That is HUGE for us!!!! I was trying to do just as good in February but I hit a wall and needed some chick fil a. I sent RP a text and begged for CFA for dinner. Thank goodness he is easy!

Friday, February 6th: Alabama vs Auburn Gymnastics Meet: Brylee and I enjoyed a girls and moms night out in t-town tonight. We enjoyed dinner at Mugsh*ts before and TC.BY after. Brylee and Ella had a great time dancing in between and made it on the jumbotron twice. They loved it! I said Brylee was the luckiest Auburn fan in a sea of Alabama fans... she caught an Alabama gymnastics tee, got her picture made with a Alabama cheerleader, and got on the Bama Cam twice.

Saturday, February 7th: Softball, Basketball & Cookie Cake Pops: Saturday we all slept late and hung around the house until Brylee has softball evaluations. After evals we went to Steel City to give their new cookie & brownie pops a try. They sure were yummy! Then JP has basketball game. His team won and they have offically sewn up 1st place and are still undefeated! Let's hope they came keep up the good work come play offs!

Sunday, February 8th: Daddy is turning 40!!!!! RP is turning 40 on Tuesday! I can't believe it! I remember when I thought 40 was old! :) So we went to dinner Sunday night to celebrate his birthday with GoGo and Grandaddy! The kids told the waiter that it was Daddy's birthday. RP quickly told him oh no it was not! The waiter said "oh don't worry we don't sing"... ha! :) No they don't sing but they do bring out dessert with a big ole candle lit up on it... I have never seen RP blow out a candle so fast in all his life. I could not even get a picture he blew it out so fast! :)   

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