Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Week 7: February 16th through February 22nd

Monday, February 16th: Presidents Day & No School 
Today the kids were out of school for Presidents' Day! We went to see a movie and then came home for dinner and our latest favorite after dinner activity playing "spoons" {except we use plastics knives bc that is what we had on hand the first time we played and it has just stuck}! 

Tuesday, February 17th: Baby it's COLD Outside! 
Tonight I went to a visitation for my aunt who passed away from lung cancer. On my way back home I ran through Starbucks and grabbed a coffee to stay warm at brylees softball practice! 

Wednesday, February 18th: yay for a delayed start 
We have had several days these last few weeks where we have delayed our start to school by 2 hours due to ice and freezing cold temps! Delay starts are my favorite! JP decided he could stay up and watch TV longer since he could sleep longer the next day! Lol! 

Thursday, February 19th: My Brylee Boo 
Just a little tid bit of information about our pictures a day! My kiddos keep up with who was pictured the day before and it's like a competition and a big deal if one of them is the picture a day back o back days! Tonight Brylee said its my turn to be the picture today so here take my picture reading! Ha! ;) she is so silly! I would love to tell you she loves to read but she doesn't! It's ok I did not like reading as a child either! But I do enjoy it now as an adult when I actually make time to read I enjoy it! 

Friday February 20th: Happy Friday Friends! 
We made it to Friday! TGIF!!! And today was PJ day for Brylee! I am not going to lie I wish it was PJ day at my school today too! Lucky girl! ;) 

Saturday, February 20th: Number 1!!! 
Proud of my JP and his basketball team! They won the regular season and are the number 1 seed going into the tournament! Let's hope they can keep up the winning streak! 

Sunday, February 21st: Sunday Snaps!!! 
We actually got up early, were dressed, ready & early for church Sunday! Even had time for a picture before heading out the door! Who is this family?!?! Miracles do happen! 

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