Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 8: February 23rd through March 1st

February 23rd: Three Card Poker - some how our nightly card game of spoons turned into RP teaching JP to play 3 card poker. Now he is ready to turn 21 and go to the casinos! LOL!!! 

February 24th: Delayed Start to School: I could get used to a 2 hr delay to school... One of my favorite parts is that we actually don't have to rush around getting ready and we get to sit down and eat a "weekend" breakfast! 

February 25th: No Snow: we were out of school today for a "snow storm" and at the start of it we were predicted to get 2 to 3 inches of snow and at the end of it all we only got rain... I had some disappointed little kids!!! 

February 26th: basketball playoffs: tonight was the first round of the basketball playoffs. JP and his team went into the tournament undefeated but ended up losing in the first round! 

February 27th: TGIF : celebrating Friday with dinner and fro-yo too! Happy Friday Friends!!! We welcome the weekend!!! 

February 28th: Girls Weekend: Connie, Mom and I enjoyed a girls weekend away in Vernon at the "hunting camp"!!! We enjoyed shopping, eating, chillaxing & watching lots of Downton Abbey! It was just what this mama needed!!! 

March 1st: mommy is back... And one is happy because she can't "live without me" and was so mad she did not get to join me on my girls weekend away and the other is sad b/c apparently daddy lets him do as he pleases!! Ha! Silly Jack Jack!!! Love you too buddy!!! 

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