Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 9: March 2nd through March 8th

Monday March 2nd: mexican Monday Mexican Monday with my Men!! Sister was with a friend so it was just me and my men enjoying some Mexican on a Monday! 

Tuesday March 3rd: 6th grade choir concert: Jackson had to take choir as one of his electives this year and this 9 week was his turn! They had a choir concert tonight (which was required to attend) and they sang the 3 songs they learned! 

Wednesday March 4th: Summer countdown... Our summer countdown is on... Today marked 50 days until summer... We can do it!!! I say at least once a day to RP... All I want to do is go to the beach!!! It's a big joke now... I send him a text or sign off an email to him at least once a day that says "I want to go to the beach"!!! He will ask me any question about dinner or anything else and usually I answer with "I want to go to the beach"! Ha! ;) thank goodness he loves me!!  

Thursday March 5th: ice ice baby... We were out of school today for a predicted ice/snow storm... We did get a few flurries but yes it was another disappointment where really all we got was a cold rain! 

Friday March 6th: the mighty mighty weather man... James Spann.... You just never know who will be a guest reader for Read Across America week!!! The infamous weather man... James!!! ( I am currently doing a maternity leave in 3rd grade at Vincent and these are my 4th grade teacher buddies Brooke and Caycie)!!! 

Saturday March 7th- baseball... The greatest season!!! 
Jackson has his first practice game today... I love watching him play... Baseball is my favorite sport by far!!! Bring in Spring weather & baseball!!!! 

Sunday March 8th: Sunday Snaps... We sprung forward and made it to church too... It's a win win in my book!!! 

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