Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 13: March 30th through April 5th (Easter)

Monday, March 30th: Golfing Buddies: JP and RP played golf today at Oak Mtn and BP and I drove them around in a cart!

Tuesday, March 31st: Shoppin' & Lunchin': Today we went to lunch at Zoe's and had steel city too!!! Then we shopped for Easter outfits! Low and Behold we found something for everyone and no one was "killed" in the process! It's a miracle 

Wednesday, April 1st: A Sho Nuf Yummy Lunch: Today we went to eat at a local favorite in Alex City called Sho Nuf BBQ! It was yummy! And the best part of the afternoon was that the parenting spring break for daddy and I started today. 

Thursday, April 2nd: A Day Date: RP and I wanted to go eat some place different on our day date! So we went to eat at Brick & Tin! It was a yummy little sandwich place. It was so cool and had the best little charming character about it! I highly recommend it! 

Friday, April 3rd: Good Friday: tonight we went to the Good Friday Easter Service at COTH with GoGo and G-daddy. Then had a yummy dinner at their house and ended the night with a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt! 

Saturday, April 4th: Easter Fun! Today Brylee and I went to an Easter Egg Hunt & then we died some Easter eggs! 

Sunday, April 5th: Happy Easter: He is Alive!!! 
Easter Sunday we went to church, ate a yummy lunch and spent the afternoon with Richard's family! 

The Easter clothes are all ironed and ready and it also looks like the Eastee bunny made a stop by too!

Lots of Easter pictures of our family!!! 

Easter surprises from GOGO and G-Daddy 

Time for these crazy kiddos to hunt For Easter Eggs! 

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen Savior!!!

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