Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 14: April 6th through April 12th

Monday, April 6th: Thank you Lord for the Rain...  I am not going to lie the Speing Break hang over is rough... Today kicked my tail! I was so glad to see the rain and ball games being canceled!!! I needed the night to recuperate b/c 5:30am came early!!!

Tuesday, April 7th: Baseball Mom: Cheering on my baseball buddy in a late night game that was past my bed time {yawn}!!! At least they won! 

Wednesday, April 8th: happy haircut & highlight day to me!!! Is there anything better than fresh highlights and a haircut??? I think not!! A little pampering makes everyone feel wonderful right! ;) (taking a selfie at the red light... Now that is a different story) 

Thursday, April 9th: softball mom... Tonight we cheered on sister girl in her softball game & they won too!!! It was a great week for wins in our house! And Brylee's team remains undefeated!!! 

Friday, April 10th: I'm leaving on a jet plane... 
With the girls for a weekend in NYC!!!!! 

Saturday, April 11th: more NYC fun... We had a great day shopping, eating & Broadway watching!!! 

Sunday, April 12th: The Rockettes at Radio City.  This show was Ah- Mazing!!!! It is my favorite one by far!!!! What an amazing weekend!!! 

**** a whole New York post will be next**** 

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