Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New York City 2015

Friday I left Birmingham for our 4th annual New York City girls trip!!!! I have been going to NYC with this group for the last 8 years!!!!

Our first trip was in March 2007! We went around St Patrick's Day (hence why we have our green shamrock shirts on)! Each time we go we always buy matching shirts and get a group picture made!!! Love our tradition!!! 

My mom and some of our group flew out Friday morning but I had to work so Cathy and I flew out Friday afternoon!
Our flight was suppose to leave at 4:23 but we were delayed for about 2 hours for what we originally thought was weather but later (much later... thank goodness) found out it was because of a bomb threat at the airport! Lovely!!! 

We finally made it to NYC and the gang was all there!!! {selfie stick best purchase ever}
We grabbed a quick bite to eat and shopped around at a few stores! Because this is the city that never sleeps and stores stay open until 1AM! Then it was off to bed for a full day ahead! Hello 2AM bed time and 7 AM wake up call!!! {paid for that Monday morning}

Saturday Fun in NYC
We started off the morning with breakfast and then it was off to shop!!! Don't we look ready to shop!!! 

Our first stop was Mood Fabric (not that I was buying any fabric) but it was cool to see! It is where they go on the show Project Runway!!! 

Cab Ride Selfie

Mom & I with the Empire State Building behind us!!! 

Cheer to lunch in Little Italy!!! 

A treat: a mini canoili from Little Italy 
Saturday night we went to see the Broadway play On The Town
We had great seats!!! It was not my favorite play we have seen but still a great experience! 
Two darlings with their snacks from Darlings! 

Sunday Funday in NYC 
We started our day off with our annual "matching t-shirt pictures"!!! 

Katie and Laura who are the absolute best NYC trip planners and navigators!!! I can not imagine going to NYC with anyone else! They simple are THE BEST!!! xoxo 

Then it was off to shop and site see along the way!!! Our hotel was right near time square! 
First stop The Plaza Hotel!!! 
Inside the Plaza Hotel... It was beautiful! 
We went downstairs to the cafe and ate one of the best cookies I have ever had! It is Oprah's friend Gayle's favorite cookie! It did not disappoint!

We also went to check out the Eloise Store... You know since she lives in the Plaza Hotel! ;) 
We went to Rockefeller Center for lunch & to see the ice skating!  
After lunch we shopped and then went to Radio City Music Hall (which is absolutely beautiful inside) to see the Spring Spectacular Show by the Rockettes!!! And let me tell you it was my favorite thing about the whole trip! It was AWESOME!!!! AmAzINg!!!

We got these little bracelets when we came in but did not know what they were for! Well they were so cool! They would light up as part of the show! It was beyond cool!!!

And the best part of the show was that Derek!! Hough** (from Dancing with the Stars... In case you live under a rock) dances in it!! He was awesome!!! I did not know he could sing too!!! He was THE BESt!!! (That is him in blue below) 

It also has a 3d part and we wore our 3d glasses... That was pretty cool too!! 

After the show we went to get a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery! We also got banana pudding! They were both yummy!!! 

That about wrapped up my trip to NYC! I headed back to the hotel and then off to the airport to fly home! My flight did not leave until 8:30 and I landed about 10:30 Sunday night in BHM! Yes I was a walking zombie Monday at school and asleep by 7:30 Monday night but oh well... It's the price you pay for some weekend fun!!

They all sent me a picture from dinner Sunday night telling me they missed me ;) 
So I sent them this picture of me going through security ;( good bye to the best NYC gang

It was an amazing, super great time!!! I love all things NYC! The shopping is so fun I love all the different shops they have and like I said earlier The Rockettes won the favorites prize from this trip!! Along with my favorite purchase my new turquoise purse (in the above picture!) ;)

Thanks for the best birthday present ever mom and dad!!! Mom and I had a fabulous trip!!!  

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