Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 15: April 13th through April 19th

Monday, April 13th: Sporting our survivor shirts mommy brought us back from her NYC trip! 

Tuesday, April 14th: What do you do when you are dressed, ready and on your way to a ball game and it gets canceled... well you head to Jim & Nicks for dinner and celebrate that you don't have to eat ball park food for dinner again. 

Wednesday, April 15th: Happy Birthday to Me!!! We celebrated my birthday with no baseball or softball games or practice... thank you Jesus!!! We enjoyed dinner at LaPaz and dessert outside at Zoe's!!!! It was a great night!!! 
My sweet babies made me this sign!!! :) We love to make signs for everyone! 

and my sweet hubby brought these home to me!!!! 
(and bought be a surprise later in the week... stay tuned)

Thursday, April 16th: Homework, Shomework: I hate homework... not going to lie... I long for summer in so many ways but no homework is one of those reasons! :)

Friday, April 17th: WE ARE GOING TO GARTH!!!!!!  I told RP all I wanted for my birthday, mother's day and every other holiday in the year were tickets to see GARTH!!!! They went on sale at 10am today and he was on ticket duty,,,, and he did his duty well!!!! We got tickets and I am so excited!!!! Both shows sold out super fast and he even added a show! Apparently, others are crazy Garth fans too!!!! We are going with our friends Scott and Brooke and our other friends Rhett and Jill got tickets too!!!! We are going to have a blast.... I can not wait!!!! Hurry up JUNE!!!!

Saturday, April 18th: Proud of my little ball player... love watching him play!!! We finally got to play after what feels like a bazillion rain outs! This goes down in history as the rainiest baseball season ever!!!

Sunday, April 19th: My Little Flower Child!  I always try and take pictures of Brylee with the flowers each year! So today was the day we stopped on the side and of the road on the way home and snapped a few pictures... these are a few of my favorites!!!!

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