Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 28: July 13th through July 19th

Monday, July 13th: Camp Sunshine Farms: Brylee went to a camp near Vincent at Camp Sunshine Farms! She has been once before and had a great time so she was excited to go back! 

Tuesday, July 14th: happy anniversary to us... 14 years on the 14th!!!! 
You want to hear what fabulous romantic thing we did today to celebrate... That would be attend a Professional Development session on Unit Planning together! I know right!!! Sounds fabulous right? Don't be jealous! I even won a door prize and when they drew my name RP said... Oh good... It's your anniversary present! Ha! Lol! It's all good... I would not want it any other way!!! 

Wednesday, July 15th: oops another day with no picture... But picture packing and doing laundry because we leave for the beach TOMORROW!!!! 

Thursday, July 16th: Destin Here We Come... 
I was so ready to get to the beach and start our vacation! I had the brilliant idea that we would leave at 5 am! I think RP thought I was kidding but I wasn't I was for real! I told him if we left by 5 we would be there by 9! Ha! ;) We packed the car the night before woke up and hit the road by 5!!! Here we are pulling out of the neighborhood.... 
It was the best idea I have ever had... The kids slept the first 2 hours, then we stopped for breakfast, and the watched a movie re last little bit! It was brilliant... Quietest and fastest ride ever!!!! 

We arrived in Ft Walton a little after 9:00 AM at the hotel that Richard's parents has stayed at the night before! We let the kids swim a little bit and then we went to lunch! 

We ate lunch at Dewy Destin's and it was so yummy! Probably my second favorite meal of our trip! The view was beautiful and the food was yummy too! 

After lunch we headed to the condo to check in (we got to check in early... Yay) and then we headed to the beach!!! I think this chick is excited to be at the beach!!! 

After a great day on the beach we headed to dinner at my favorite place... The Back Porch!!!! 

We had to wait to eat but that no big deal because it on the beach... The kids played and RP and I enjoyed a beverage!!! 
We also snagged a few pictures while we waited... How pretty is that water??? 

Richard parents went with us to the beach too!!! 

We enjoyed this absolutely beautiful sun set while we ate dinner! It was by far my favorite night our food was great and our view was amazing!!! 

It was an awesome first day at the beach! 

Friday, July 17th: Destin Day 2... 
It was time to start Destin Day 2 and head to the beach! We looked out our condo that morning and the ocean looked a little dark after going to the beach and looking there was tons of seaweed in the ocean! Boo hoo! So we loaded up and headed to the beach by The Back Porch because it did not have seaweed! I think we would have all suffered through the seaweed if it was everywhere but the water was beautiful up the road so it worth the extra time and effort it took to pack up and drive to the "clean" beach! I mean can this water get any prettier!!! It looks like something out of a magazine! 
We enjoyed hanging out at the beach that day, playing in the sand, jumping waves, and swimming in the ocean! I did a bad job taking pictures of them playing in the ocean! 

After our day at the beach we went back, got dressed & headed to Harbor Walk to eat at Margaritaville for dinner! I enjoyed my coconut shrimp but we did not have the best service and other did not like their meal so this was not our favorite meal of the trip needless to saw! 
The clown on stilts took our groups picture!!! Ha! He said he was a "human selfie stick" ha! ;) 

Jackson and Brylee love Harbor Walk because of all the fun things they have to do! They both ride the zip line and Jackson climbed the rock wall! 

Harbor Walk also has tons of little shops, boats, and other fun things to walk around and look at it! 
We ended our evening with ice cream!!! 
It was another fabulous day 
at the beach! 

Saturday, July 18th: Destin Day 3 
Today the seaweed was still in the ocean at our condo so we headed back to the public beach up the road! It was beautiful and so calm today so I actually got in the ocean! I don't think when it's all "wavey" but I will float in it when it is calm! 
After another great day at the beach we headed back to the condo to get dressed and head to dinner! 
Tonight we went to Baytown Wharf and ate at Acme Oyster House! I love going to Baytown and walking around the shops and the kids love all the activities too! 
Jackson played a golf game before dinner while we were waiting on our table! 
They both tried oysters for the first time! The man at the oyster bar made them
some grilled oysters with garlic butter & cheese and game them bread to eat them with! They were both proud of them selves for actually eating them! I don't know if they actually liked them but they were sure excited that they ate them! 

After dinner we enjoyed sitting outside watching Jackson and Brylee climb all over this ropes course. 
Brylee is a little more cautious than Jackson but she did make it up to the top once! 
Jackson the dare devil made it to the top and "walked the plank" and rang the bell! 
I bet they climbed this thing for a hour! They were hot and tired when they got down! They both cooled off with a snow cone for Brylee and ice cream for JP! 

Sunday, July 19th: Seaside... 
Today we went to Seaside for the day! I alway like a day in the middle to give everyone a break from the beach and today was our day! We drove to Seaside and walked around the shops and enjoyed lunch at the food trucks! We all go different stuff and it was all good! It's nice to have a break from seafood and eat different stuff too. I had BBQ nachos and RP had a turkey BLT grilled cheese. They were both really good! Richard's parents got a BLT & a burger and they said their food was good too! It's always fun to enjoy Seaside! 
We can't leave without ice cream!!! 

Duckies anyone!!! Such a cute little store! 
After the day at Seaside we came back and enjoyed the late afternoon at the pool and then cooked in that night! We had what we called Asain, Cajujn, Southern Crusie! Steve made an Asain shrimp dish, we also had low country boil which was my favorite & then we had shrimp and grits too! Brylee loves her some cheese grits and had been wanting shrimp & grits but when you go to restaurants they have "funky things" in the dish so told her we would make her some with just cheese grits and shrimp! She loved it! It was nice to stay in and enjoy dinner at the condo & then we played Phase 10! That was the card game of the trip for sure! 
More beach trip pics to come... 

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