Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 29: July 20th through July 26th

Monday, July 20th: Beach Day 5
Today was the first we actually got to enjoy the beach at our condo! No seaweed thank goodness! We enjoyed our last day at the beach! 
Tonight we went and ate at Floyds which was on the beach and we took family beach pictures with my big camera! Surprisingly we ended up with a few! 
Then after dinner it was on to The Track for go carts! Brylee beat Jackson on both races! Let's go ahead and say that went over like a lead balloon! JP was "so mad" and Brylee could not have been happier! Go Carts is probably one of their favorite things about the beach! 

Tuesday, July 21st: Until next time white sandy beaches.... 
Today we were heading home from the beach... We decided to head back to Seaside on our way home and grab some pizza at Bud & Ally's pizza bar! It sure was yummy and a great place to eat on our way out! 

Wednesday, July 22nd: Wet n Wild at LBC 
Today our church had a Wet n Wild fun day! It was suppose to be at night but due to weather they changed the time and had it during the day too! I was super glad! It was great to just go and let the kids slide and play and hang out and talk to the other moms! 

Thursday, July 23rd: The Game of Life: tonight was game night... The kids picked Life {so they could argue over who wants to be the banker} just kidding, but keeping it real! If only real life was this easy! LOL! 

Friday, July 24th: DQ Date 
Today I took Jackson and Brylee to Dairy Queen for lunch and they enjoyed their ice cream treat! 

Saturday, July 25th: My Classroom is Complete... And so cute I might add!!! 
I recruited all my little helpers today and spend 12 hours in my classroom and we pretty much finished it today! Thanks to my mom, dad, hubby, Jackson, Brylee & Connie... We are mean team!!! 
This is the view from the door! I love my little Super Hero themed room! Thank you School Girl Style for making the cutest stuff ever!!! 
This is the right of the room if you are looking at the board from the back of the room! Can I brag about my super cute chandelier on the far right above my kidney table... I need a better picture but it turned out super cute!!! 
This is the back of the room... The curtain will actually stay pulled back on either side but right now it is hiding all the teachers stuff that was in this room before me... She is still waiting to be able to move her stuff to her new room! Those boards will actually have stuff related to learning once school starts! 
This is the left side of the room if you are looking at the board! Love my little foton sofa {at least I will have a place to sleep if we get snowed into the school again} 
My desk area... I love this too!!! I still need to add pictures to my bulletin board (black frame) and some personal items to my desk! 
This room is many years of pinning ideas and being in all kind of classrooms and having a plan! I am super in love with it and I am so pleased with how it turned out!!! Vision complete!!! 

Sunday, July 26th: School Supplies... 
Today might as well been Christmas morning for Brylee! She was so excited about being able to get her school supplies! She loves her some school supplies... She comes by it honest!!! I was also a rebel and let her bend the rules and get some fun supplies! I know I am a teacher and I should have gotten the plain ole black marble composition books but really who wants that and so glitter fun colors it is! It said a blue binder... Well we got a blue one just not royal blue we got turquoise blue! Hey it's still blue!!! She was trilled! We also both got our first day of school outfits!!! Eeekkk! It's getting real!!! ;) Summer ends in like 1 week ( well for the teachers in our house) the students in our house have a few extra days!!!! Can I say that I 
Kind of ready... We need some structure in our house!!! Sleeping until mid morning and staying up all night is not something we can handle for much longer!!! (Remind me of this in about a month on a Wedneday at 5:30am when my alarm goes off!) 

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