Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello Blog World....

Hello Little Blog World... Long Time No "SEE"! :) Gezzz we are so busy right know i feel like i don't have a free moment to blog... and I guess if I was honest I would own up to the fact that i love my little iphoney and it's way more "FUN" to lay in bed or on the couch and "do" all my computer work from it so therefore i don't pull out the ole lap top very often... promise i will try and get better! :) So here is my forever long list of pictures and things we have been doing...
1. Happy Spring School Picture Day...
my little social butterfly has had quite a busy social calendar here lately... she has been to some rockin fun birthday parties in the last two weeks... it seems that most of her friends were born in the spring... :)
Party #1. Avery's HOP Birthday Party at the movies...
Silly Girls: Heidi, Abbie, Brylee and Avery
2. Party #2: Ashleigh's Horse Riding B'day Party...
Party #3: Carsyn's Birthday at Storyville Station
(this place was way cool... might be one of the top 5 birthday parties we have ever been to)
Party #4: Jill's Horse Riding Birthday Party
B and A on the playground
(thank goodness for sweet friends who take pictures of my child when i can't be there)
Loosey Goosey looses another tooth (this make 3 total)
she lost the one of the top this time! Happy Sunday!
And this my friends is why we are so busy... BASEBALL!!!!!
My Little Devil Ray! ;)UP TO BAT!!!
I L-O-V-E me some baseball so i am ok with being busy and always being at the park... however i am not a fan of these 7:45 games we have had... wow that makes for a LONG night and some tired little kiddos in the morning... but we are surviving! :)
Hope you are having a great week... and guess what????
it is only 6 more weeks til SUMMER!!!!! :)
Whoop- Whoop!!!!!

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