Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday morning update on Brylee....

The doctors just came in and they said no surgery today! I will be honest i have mixed feelings about that! I know the fact that she doesn't have to go through surgery is a good thing but i feel like if they were draining it we would have an "answer". I feel like things are still gray instead of black and white! They said there was a little fluid collection but I guess they are not planning on treating it by draining it! I am not sure if that means we do or don't have an abscess... I forgot to ask that question I think bc I was just sure they were coming in to tell us she would be having surgery! They are just going to watch her fever and I told him about her spiking a fever after she gets her antibiotic and he said "really, well we can change her antibiotic"! So I guess we will see if that is the order he writes or not and if that helps it or not!
Good news is she can go back to eating and drinking and is no longer NPO!
Thanks for your prayers! All in His timing!!!!
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