Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29, 2012 -- Sunday Update on Brylee...

Saturday night was not the best night we have had here... we were up a good bit during the night fighting a fever, going to the bathroom, and taking meds... i am having flashbacks of having a newborn baby at home where your night is deemed good or bad according to how many hours of sleep you get a night!

Miss brylee woke up on the wrong side of the bed... she was ill and cranky this morning... not that she doesn't have a reason to be ill and cranky but that doesn't help things get any better! Then she finally got settled and went back to sleep and they came in and woke her up to have her CT scan done and she was NOT happy! She pretty much cried on and off the whole time before, during, and after the test! It was pitiful. She finally snapped out of it around lunch time and she had fun painting, coloring and doing sticker art with GoGo and KK.

She still ran a fever off and on today and based on our observations and talking with the nurses we have decided she spikes a fever about 30 minutes to an hour after she gets her antibiotic so we are going to head off the fever and give her Motrin before she gets her antibiotic at midnight hopefully that will help.

cousin katie and zac came to see brylee after they went to the circus
We did have some improvements today:
  • all her labs that they took blood for last night came back good
  • she is no longer hooked up to her PICC "food" tubes.. YEAH!!!!! She no longer has the big bag of "gatorade" or the little bag of "milk" hooked up to her... i told her she was footloose and fancy free... she can go to the bathroom without dragging a pole! She still has the PICC line in and will until after surgery but she is only hooked up to it every 8 hrs when she gets her antibiotics.
  • She got to eat FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! She ate chicken noodle soup... i only gave her on noodle b.c i was afraid she would get sick so she ate the broth and a few bites of jello... she is not a big jello fan even when she is well!

Monday morning is really a big day for Brylee some decisions concerning her condition and where we will go from here will be made Monday morning! More than likely, she will be facing an OR procedure (surgery) on Monday. They did the CT Scan today and the doctor will share the results in the morning... the nurse feels like he will tell us that they are going to go in and drain the abscess. But we will have to see! She could not officially tell us the dr will have to! She will be NPO (no food or drinks) after midnight just in case they do surgery tomorrow. The surgery will be mid morning to lunch time... the schedule is done based on age so the babies go first so she is about the middle of the age bracket.

Prayer Request:

  • pray we have a good night with some long stretches of sleep
  • pray that her fever will go away and stay away or at least the motrin before the antibiotic will help keep it down
  • pray that the doctor makes the best decision based on Brylee's condition
  • pray that if she does have surgery tomorrow that it will be successful and without complications
  • pray that her body continues to tolerate the food she eats and she doesn't get sick
Thank you so much for your prayers! We greatly appreciate it! We are holding on tight that the Great Physician will continue to heal our baby girl! All our love! Praying for Brylee!!!

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