Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28, 2012 -- Saturday Update on Brylee

Day by day we continue to get better!
  • Brylee got to DRINK LIQUIDS today... PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!! I am sure that was the best gatorade she has ever had!!!!
  • She got up and sat in a chair for about an hour and colored and made a pot holder!

    {brylee and maddie coloring}

  • She continues to walk the hall and wanted to walk more but I made her turn around and come back!
  • She is still pooping and peeing good!
  • She kept all her liquids down today.... YEA! for no throwing up!
  • She ate another Popsicle today too!
  • She is going longer and longer in between morphine dosages... she went from 2:45am until 6:00pm without any morphine
  • She is getting more and more alert each day and staying awake longer each day
  • Several of her friends came to visit her today and she was glad to see them!

sweet friends... jill and coleigh

Please continue to pray for:

  • Pray for her fever... she is still starting the day with a fever and ending the day with a fever. I wish Mr. Fever would go away and NEVER NEVER come back!!!
  • Today they said if she continued to run a fever we would have another CT Scan Sunday and take a look inside to see how things are!
  • The dr. mentioned that there might be an abscess on her appendix and that could be what is causing the fever... if she does then they will access where the abscess is and if it is close and they can get to it they will go in and drain it... that would be an OR procedure but if they can't get to it without complications then they will continue to treat it with antibiotics. Please pray!
  • They just took blood from her to test it to see if her blood has a bacteria in it to see if that is causing the fever. There is a possibility that the PICC is in infected and if that is the case they will take it out and the fever and infection will go away (now i am not really sure how they will administer her meds if that is the case) or her blood could have bacteria in it and they would just change her antibiotics and that should cure the infection and the fever should go away!
  • So pray that they figure out why my baby is running a fever and fix the issue!
  • There was also talk of REAL FOOD on Sunday... OMG!!!! She will be so excited!!!! Please pray that her body will tolerate the food and she will not begin to throw up again when she has it!
  • I am sure she will go NPO in the morning before they do the CT Scan and then if they have to do surgery to drain the abscess on Monday I am sure they will not let her have food and she will probably be NPO until after the surgery!

Thank you so much for all your prayers. I know God is hearing them because HE has answered so many of them already! I can NOT thank you enough for praying for my baby girl!

All of love!!! Praying for Brylee!!!

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