Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012 -- More Monday News...

  • I will say the doctor threw me a curve ball this morning when he came in and said surgery was a no go. Certainly, I was glad she did not have to under go surgery but I really thought that was going to be the answer for the fever. I was holding on to a black and white answer... but that was my plan not Gods! :)
  • She was a little cranky think morning again... that is really no fun! So we decided to get her a wheel chair and wheel her around with hopes to get her out of her funk! We first went to the activity room and made a few cute valentine crafts... she had fun doing that! Then we took her outside for some fresh air but she was cold in her shorts and t-shirt so we did not stay long. But it was nice to get some fresh air and see the sunshine. Then she wanted to go eat lunch in the cafeteria. So we went in there and she ate some chicken and dumplings! After all that, she was a happy little camper and out of her funky cranky mood! I know she is more than ready to get out of this room; being in here for 10 days in no fun!
  • The doctor came around this afternoon and talked with us. He shared the results of the CT scan and told us she did have 2 abscess... apparently she came in with one but that was the first we heard of that. But neither of them were large enough to drain so they are just treating it with antibiotics. He also told us that none of the blood bacteria cultures grew anything so that was good news.
  • They changed her antibiotic today hoping this will help with her fever. She is taking one by mouth and one through her PICC line too. She seems to be tolerating both of them well. She ran a low grade fever two times today... but just up to 100... that is leaps and bounds better than 103!!!
  • I told the dr. when he came around this afternoon I hoped her fever would go away b.c i know that is our ticket out of here... and he said yes that was one of them! I think that eating, pooping, and peeing is the other ones and we can do all that. :)
  • She has NOT had any morphine in over 24 hours... HOLLAR!!!!! That means that the antibiotic is clearing up that infection b.c she is not in pain!!!!!
  • Over all it was a good day once we snapped sister out of her funky mood!
  • Please, Please, Please Pray that we DO NOT run a fever tonight or tomorrow and that the antibiotics do their job!!!! I want her to be totally well and more that ready to come home b.c we certainly don't want to come back but I am not going to lie I am ready to go home and I know she is too!
  • I would love love love to be home before the weekend! That would be fantastic!!!
  • Thanks again for praying for us!!!!! We appreciate all of you more than you will ever know! Thanks for checking on us and offering to bring us things! We truly have the best friends and family anyone could ask for! All in God's Plan!!!! Praying for Brylee!!!! (my camera battery is dead so until daddy brings me my charger we want have any picture update and I took lots today on our escape from room 688 adventure! )

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