Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012 --- Tuesday Update on Brylee...

Well today brought some of the very best news I have heard since we checked into this joint on Friday, Janurary 20th!!!! He said we might get to go home tomorrow (Wednesday)! What?!? Really?!?! They love throwing me some curve balls... I never saw that one coming!!!! However, he did say we needed to be "high" fever free before we went and we ran a fever of 102 this morning... so I don't think tomorrow is going to be our day but at least they are talking about it... i feel like it is in the near future! I am hoping we make our Friday goal! He also said that her body was doing really well with the new antibiotics and at this time it is looking like we will NOT have to go home on the PICC line.... SHUT UP!!!! That is also some really great news!!!! She will just take oral antibiotics twice a day! I think that is about all the news for today! Her crankiness is getting less and less each day! She look a real bath today and washed her hair... she did not really enjoy it like i thought she would but i know she felt better being all good and clean! She ate three real people meals today and her body is tolerating all types of food. Now of course the amount she eats is greatly reduced but she is eating. For example: she ate 4 strawberries for breakfast, 1/4 of a cheeseburger for lunch, and a 1/8 of a pizza slice... with a few snacks in between! HUGE PRAYER REQUEST: that this STINKIN' FEVER will GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!! I will say as eager as I am to see this fever go away... I am equally as eager to see God's plan! I am truly amazed at HIS plan... we think we are having surgery and HIS plan is NO, we think we will go home with a PICC line and HIS plan is NO, I don't know the day we will go home but HE does and what a MIGHTY PLAN it will be! One last selfish prayer request: The doctor said she is going to be able to return to school soon after we get home (like if we go home this week she can go on Monday). To say that I AM A NERVOUS WRECK about that is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! He keeps telling me she will be fine... I am concerned about sending her to the germ box and he said there is more germs in this hospital than there is at school, I am worried that she will get sick and he assures me she is 10 feet tall and bullet proof on all these antibiotics, I am worried about someone doing something to here to cause her appendix to rupture he assures me there is nothing anyone could do to cause that! I am concerned about her strength and he says do a few half days them send her full days... i think we need to go a few hours, then half days, then full days in like next August! Ha! I have a feeling sending her to school after all this is going to be worst than the first day of kindergarten!!! Please pray for the mommy in me that is not ready to release me baby back to the world... I have seen her at her sickest and it is going to be harder on me that it is on her to go back! I know she will be fine and more than ready to go back... it will be ME and only ME that is not ready! Thanks again for all your prayers!!! All our love!!! Praying for Brylee!!!! PS: well we just barfed... that is probably not going to work in our favor... she barfed up her oral antibiotic right after taking it... i think it was more a gag thing not a sick thing but we will see! Boo Hoo!

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