Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11, 2012

{Egg Drop Challange}
Friday Jackson had an egg drop school project due. We were to package a raw egg into some type of contraption so that it would survive a fall off a ladder... Hints the name Egg Drop!

Well lets just say that little project slipped up on us. The "engineer" in the family was gone the week before so he was no help. And this week was just crazy with lots of afternoon activities and all of a sudden it was Thursday night and we needed an egg drop project! In my finest procrastinator self form; (I also say I work better under pressure); I grabbed a box from work and some bubble wrap from the garage and Jackson wrapped that bad boy up in some bubble wrap and placed that baby in a box and our egg drop contraption was done!!! 10 seconds and counting...

I thought to myself... poor guy that egg is not even going to make to school much less survive the egg drop! 

Well, well.... I should never underestimate a mama and her ideas.... he came home all excited because he was an EGG DROP SURVIVOR!!!! Of course he was!!!! :)

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